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WELCOME to our Price List and Services!

$59 Male Neuter / $97 Female Spay / $99 Front Declaw

All Inclusive Prices: Initial Office Call, Surgery and Anesthesia, Anti Pain Injection, and Hospitalization after the procedure all included!


Office Calls:

(this type of fee is included in the price of routine Spays, Neuters, & Declaws)

Office Call: $39

Adoption Well Visits: $19

Worm or Flea Visits: $19 (+ worm/flea medicine) (only if not sick)


Annual Vaccine Visit: $87

Exam ($39) + "Distemper" (FVRCP $11) + Leukemia Vac ($28) + Rabies ($9 or $19):

(The Annual Vaccine Visit fee does NOT include any laboratory testing.)

NOTE: The Rabies vaccine included in this bundle is Rabvac1.

Please add $10 for Purevax 1

(Yes, a 3 year Rabies vaccine is available for Adult cats = $27 + O.C.)


Kitten Visits:

         1st Kitten Visit: 6-8wks old approximately $55

Exam ($39) + FVRCP ($11) & dewormer ($5)

[for litters, the 1st Kitten visit may be bundled with only one $39 Office Call for all kittens born to the same mother; presented by original owner; however, fee for vaccines & deworming accrue per kitten]


2nd Kitten Visit: 9-12wks old approximately $63

Exam ($19) + FVRCP ($11) + dewormer ($5) + 1st Leukemia Vac ($28)

 [2nd kitten visit may similarly be bundled, but only if presented by original owner]


3rd Kitten Visit: 12-14wks old approximately $67 (this includes $9 Rabies)

Exam ($19) + FVRCP ($11) + 2nd FeLV ($28) + Rabies ($9 or $19)

[on rare occasions the 3rd visit may be bundled; similar rules apply]

(Sometimes we can combine the 1st & 2nd kitten visits into one visit. Also, for vaccines given during a surgery visit, "subtract" the Exam/Office Visit fee.)


Surgery Fees

 A "well-pet" Office Call fee, Anesthesia, Hospitalization, and an Anti-Pain Injection ARE included in ALL routine Surgery fees.

*Each pain injection is in action for 12 hours. We DO recommend getting an even Longer Lasting Pain Injection of 72 hours. You can do this upon request for $19 for any of the following procedures.*

(When possible, vaccines should be started at least two weeks prior to surgery; however, this is not mandatory, it is merely a good recommendation.)


Male Neuter:

(3-4 months earliest and best) $59

Don’t wait until they are old and spraying urine!


Female Spay:

(4 months earliest) $97

*Additional Fee if Pregnant: 2-3wks $29 / 3+wks $10 more per week

There is NO extra fee if she is in heat and the surgery IS still safe!

7 to 8 weeks postpartum for momma kitties.

They CAN get pregnant while nursing!


Front Declaw:

 (3 months & older) $99 (includes 2 nights in hospital)


Front and Rear Declaw:

(3 months & older) $188 (includes 2 nights in the hospital)


Tendonectomy (front)$139 (4 months of age or older)


Anesthesia: The anesthesia fees are included within the above fees. We use isoflorane/sevothane gas anesthesia, which is very gentle and safe. We do not use hallucinogenic drugs such as Ketamine or Telezol.

Guarantee: We promise your cat a GENTLE recovery and strive for 100% Client Satisfaction!



Daily estimated fee for special cases $19.50 per day.

If being hospitalized after routine surgery, $9.50 per day. 


$16 a day per cat (Mon-Thurs) // $22 a day per cat (Fri-Sun and Holidays)

Requirements for boarders are as follows: Caught up on yearly vaccines and has had no evidence of diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, or coughing. 



$78 + Optional Disposition

We partner with Pet Cremation Services of AR who offer Group Cremation ($15), Semi Private Cremation ($77), or Private Cremation (remains returned to owner in chosen vessel) ($127). You can of course opt to take care of the disposition personally.



$45 + O.C. Fee + possible cost of anesthesia


In House Testing:

FeLV+FIV Blood Test: $39 + O.C. fee

Blood Test for FeLV alone: $29 + O.C. fee

Fecal Test: $19 + O.C. fee


Team Radiologist LeeAnn Pack DVM

We love working with Doctor LeeAnn Pack of Southland Vets, Arkansas’s board certified radiologist, for radiology consultations. Dr. Pack is a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) and is the owner and CEO of Southland Vets, a mobile ultrasound and teleradiology company based out of Northeast Arkansas. Visit Southland Vets Website here: Link


Advantage Multi:

Kills Fleas and protects against Heartworm, Roundworm, Hookworm, and Ear mites! Monthly topical treatment!

$9 a dose per kitty per month weighing between 9 and 18lbs.

($8 a dose if 3 or more purchased)

(recommended to see Doctor within the last 12 months)


Frontline Gold for Cats: Kills Ticks!

$24 per dose / $62 for a Box of 3

(recommended to see Doctor within the last 12 months)



Kills Fleas, Ticks, protects against Heartworm, Hookworm, Roundworm, and Ear Mites!

Monthly topical treatment!

$24 per dose / $62 for Box of 3

Recommended one dose per month

*(In most cases one dose can be split between two cats)*





Monday - Friday

Appointments starting at 9:30AM, but Walk-Ins Always Welcome!



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